Prohibition Party After Midnight at Full Up Speakeasy

Florence's Secret 1920s Party

Full Up Club is bringing back the Jazz Age in ‘all’ its glory. Tucked away underground with an almost secret entrance in Via della Vigna Vecchia, Full Up Club will be speakeasy in style. Dress to impress. Ring the doorbell. Come down stairs and enjoy all the spoils of great drinks and a little risqué entertainment!

Doors Open at midnight.

Our Parties

Dress Code

Please note that our dress code is strictly enforced – Smart Elegant Attire. Entrance is at the host's discretion. No backpacks or other large bags, flip flops or casual sandals such as Birkenstock's, work boots, Ugg's, torn or ripped jeans, ball caps/sports attire, or shorts allowed.

Speakeasy Bar

Our head bartender has put together a Cocktail List that features; the new wave of liquor being produced in Tuscan distilleries, the New York Prohibition Classics, and a house list of our own invention. Keep an eye out for weekly 'not on the menu' specials. There will also be a comprehensive bottle list for those of you drinking at a table.


Aside from socializing and drinking there will be various forms of entertainment at Full Up. Our Burlesque Dancers will perform on stage periodically throughout the night. There will always be music in the background whether it be a live band, DJ, or in fact just a playlist. Plus for those of you booking in the VIP Room, there will also be a hookah bar with a selection of flavors.

Covid & Safety

Full Up has completely changed its format. The venue will strictly follow the COVID required sanctification protocols and has changed its layout to ensure the possibility for guests to maintain social distances. Full Up now has a capacity for 80 guests at tables of one to five people and general admission has been limited to a maximum of 40 guests.

A Little Late Night History

Burlesque at Full Up Club Florence

The Roaring Twenties (1920s), the Prohibition Era (1920-1933) and the Jazz Age (1920s & 1930s) in America, has been widely popularized in literature and film. At one point the number prohibition speakeasies in New York reached as many as 32,000 underground drinking and entertainment holes. A period of opulence and extravagance, the roaring twenties was renowned for boisterous parties, inebriation, energetic dancing and risqué entertainment. Appropriately it was during the 1920s that American Burlesque made a transition from its original format as a mostly family friendly, comedic variety show to include striptease. Cabaret that had been more recently imported from France (1911) was commonly found in New York Speakeasies along with Jazz ensembles.

In Europe, burlesque style cabaret shows emerged decades earlier in the music halls of Paris during the Belle Époque. The most famous of all music halls still today, is the Moulin Rouge renowned worldwide for their seductive Can-Can dance. The Belle Époque, interrupted by World War I was followed by a period of modernity and vibrancy and fashion freedom particularly for women who started to wear short dresses and sport bob cuts.

The early 20th century nightlife scene in Italy rarely gets a mention but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist. Starting will illustrious parties hosted by the Roman aristocracy in cafes and dining halls of the city’s best hotels, the futurists then took the lead creating cabaret clubs in underground spaces filled with artwork and entertainment. The entertainment included everything from jazz bands to internationally acclaimed burlesque variety performers. It was a short-lived period of fun, shut down by the fascist movement in Italy who considered these bars to be too deviant.