Whisky and Cigar Birthday or Business Party

Prohibition in the United Sates banned the production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. There were a couple of loopholes in this law. Fortunately one of which was that ownership and consumption of alcohol was not illegal and secondly that the sale of ‘Medicinal Whisky’ was the one exception to the rule!

Together with our Speakeasy bartenders we will delve a little into the history of whisky, from its humble beginnings, through prohibition, to the evolution of boutique distilleries, and whisky’s rise in popularity. It is not important that you are a whisky aficionado. The guided tasting is equally fun for experts and beginners, together we will decipher the differences between single malt, rye, wheat, and blended, and compare whiskies from around the world.

Our Speakeasy VIP room is equipped with an air circulation system that permits smoking indoors. This allows us to also pair your whisky with cigars.

The tasting will be followed by a private dinner served in our VIP room and entrance to the Speakeasy at the end of the dinner to continue your celebration with a reserved table.

Add a touch of 1920s fun and sophistication to your party!!!


Min. 10 people. Max. 20 people.



What’s Included:

♠ Full Up Speakeasy event planner
♠ Exclusive use of our Speakeasy VIP room (7:30pm to midnight)
♠ Exclusive bartender and waiter
♠ Guided tasting of five whiskies (7:30pm to 9:00pm)
♠ Appetizers served during the tasting
♠ Three course dinner with wine
♠ Water and coffee
♠ Entrance to the Speakeasy (after midnight)
♠ Reserved table in the Speakeasy

We do ask that you check with all of your guests to ensure that no one has personal issues or health problems that may be aggravated by cigar smoke.


♣ Photographer (1.5 hours)
♣ Stretch Limousine Ride (1 hour)
♣ Speakeasy Striptease (30 minutes)
♣ Speakeasy Discount Drink Package

All extras can be booked before check-out.


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