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Emme Nuele

While Demetra is formed to as a compliment to the famous Fullup Dance Club in Florence Italy only a couple of months now, sitting quietly above the famous club of 1958 its heavily covered cloth chairs and elegant soft hues of ivory and white with brown and soft orange linen napkins, has friendly formal and elegant service as well, yet a comfortable atmosphere prevails, maybe do to its playful persona of its club owners, Monica and Simone.However, the sophisticated quiet restaurant above is on its way to a degustation menu and Michelin status, of that I am sure!

"The restaurant, Demetra is only a couple of months old and it is something we designed and thought about a long while, since it is above the famous FullUp Dance Club and since we are the first time open in the summer with the tiny, exquisite and elegant restaurant,Demetra, we spend much details on the presentation of the food. On the highest quality, with a special menu. A tiny menu of the most delicate and charming items, such as Tagliatelle al Ragu di Cinghiale, or Filetto di manzo al Chianti conn chipos di patate viole e sedano rapa alle due consistenze.

"My new baby is the Demetra," says Monica in her soft voice. "Simone is all about the Dance Club and now I am having fun with the kitchen team to create a excellent menu to offer the guests. Since we are young and playful I believe that a degustation menu awaits us in the future and my team wants that goal, too." says Monica.

During the fifties in Italy the night life and the club scene, as well as in America is a very social way to meet people, to be seen and to intregrate the culture of the era into everyday life, of which is was a Big Part of music, especially. The 1958 Club promotes Diversity since the family of Monica has entered the scene, buying the dance club in 1978, and adding the beautiful elegant restaurant above since only 2 months.

"Come follow me," starts my tour with Monica being my tour guide through the VERY BIG Dance Club, FullUp, although open again in August 27, it is a maze of 3 rooms and a private room complete with its own intimate bar and DJ booth. "In here we do live music too. And it is available to do aperitivos in the room here and the room to the left of the smoking room." she says as I say how beautiful the club is.

"We have very famous DJs and the Club can hold up to 300 people in comfort. It is a dance club and you have to weave your way in and out of the people dancing, to find the room you want, of course!" laughs Monica. I ask her if it is totally fun to own a dance club. "My family bought FULLUP in 1978 and yes it has been great fun. Now my boyfriend Simone does the Dance Club, although it is very funny when you ask Simone if he dances down here with me." she says.

Alright I ask Simone if he dances downstairs since they have a Dance Club with many famous people here and he laughs, "You know we used to have many famous celebrities come and we're hoping with the elegant tiny restaurant upstairs that they feel comfortable dining upstairs and sneaking into the downstairs Dance Club through the VIP door straight from the restaurant. It is free for the guests of course, and while the other entrance a cover fee of about 10.00 to 15.00 euros depending on the event, DJ, live music etc, is a entry fee it always include the first drink, and that is alright with the guests. And yes of course we have a selection process. It is a elite dance club and you must want to have a good time, and be dressed a little special." he says.

"The Club is about diversity and we have Fairy Gold that is world famous every Saturday to come and have fun, we have American Student Nights on Thursdays and they seem to totally enjoy meeting the local people and the other internationals. It is a famous club since 1958 where people can come to party and dance all night." says the owner, Simone, who along with his girlfriend Monica own FULLUP and Demetra.

"I am most excited to see the dance club evolve through the years and although me and Monica don't really know the exact reason that her family named it FULLUP we try to fill it up with dancing people!" laughs Simone. "My new project is revamping the entire club with a new decor and I am taking the entire month of August to do just that. We reopen and ready for guests at the 27th of August, at least that is the hope, maybe early September. I want my vision of the image of the classy club with its many varities of the highest DJs and Music and atmosphere along with the private rooms of Elvira to carry on the famous tradition." The wild crazy dancers of the FULLUP club doing what they do best, dancing to the KONGA night where the students come to have fun.

Via della Vigna Vecchia 23 (FI)
tel 055 293006
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